Calibration Management Module

Calibration Management Module

by Altasoft

Calibration Management Module

– Specify device type
– Create places of use
– Coordinator determination
– Determine who can login
– Add measurement devices
– Create external lab list
– Add calibration information
– Add reports
– Follow the next calibration date

AltaSoft Calibration module is designed for the systematic management of Devices subject to calibration.

Firstly, the coordinator is determined to manage the calibration system and caliper types such as calipers, micrometers and device usage places such as laboratory and output control are defined to the system.

By the coordinator or the people assigned by coordinator via altasoft; the serial numbers, purchase dates, measurement sensitivities, how and how often it is calibrated and other necessary information of all measuring devices within the scope of establishment are entered into the system.

After these recordings are completed for each measurement device, calibration information of devices with the option of measurement calibration tracking list and external laboratory information is defined for devices sent to the external laboratory and device report is added to the system. The notification is sent to the coordinator via Altasoft about the devices whose calibration date is approaching. The list of devices subject to calibration is updated instantly via the system and can be reported when requested. If you are ready to systematically and web-based manage and monitor your calibrated devices, please contact us..