Customer Complaint Management Module

Customer Complaint Management Module

by Altasoft

Customer Complaint Management Module

The customer complaints management module is prepared to record all customer complaints and to follow up and conclude them effectively. This module meets the requirements of ISO 10002 Standard.

– Evaluation of complaints
– Classification of complaints
– Informing related people
– Research solutions for complaints
– Apply solutions for complaints
– Planning corrective actions for complaints (associated with Improvement Management Module)
– Informing complainants
– Close the complaint


Complaint management module is designed to meet the requirements of “ISO 10002 Customer Complaints Management System“. With the help of this module, you can resolve customer complaints that are very valuable for your organization, and you can add value to both your customers and your organization.

Once your customers, products or services and complaint classes have been defined to the system, you can start tracking your customer complaints via AltaSoft. Which of your customers complained, the complaint class and what is the problem are entered in the system. When the registration is completed, an emaıl is automatically sent to the customer regarding theır complaint. As soon as the complaint is received, we send notification and mail to the person responsinble for complaints, progress details are added to the system by the the person responsinble for complaints, activities related to the elimination of the complaint and those responsible are determined.

When necessary, corrective action can be initiated regarding the complaint. The complaints assigned to the complaint are checked by the person responsinble for complaints after the conclusion and the complaint is closed.

Customer complaints and the stage at which they are located can be monitored via AltaSoft and can be reported on demand. If you are ready to systematically manage your customer complaints and follow up, please contact us…