Document Management Module

Document Management Module

by Altasoft

Document Management Module

It is the essential module of AltaSoft. Provides practical solutions in the preparation and use of all kinds of documents required by Management Systems and saves time.

– Identify organization-specific document structure
– Separate documents on a process basis
– Request a new document
– Request document revision
– Document requesting cancellation, requesting feedback
– List current documents
– Create a record list
– List relevant documents for a document
– User-based restriction of document access
– View read and unread documents
– Create document templates, searching documents
– Create multiple document system fields
– Inform users by email
– Create an automatic or manual document code
– Change the name and code of the documents created by the software
– Convert documents created by software to PDF
– Backup all documents


The document management module is the essential module of the ALTASOFT software.

Each organization has its own document structure. Altasoft software is designed to be compatible with the structure of all organizations. When adding documents to the system, authorizations can be made according to the tasks and documents can only be distributed to the desired users. When users search the relevant document, they can preview the document or download the document and save it on their own computers. Document information and document history of the requested document can be reached through the system, the user can be accessed from the revision before the revised document within the recognized authority. In order to avoid confusion, other users cannot see old revisions. If the documents are associated with each other, the relevant documents can be displayed and the pages of the documents can be accessed with shortcut if desired.

When new document is requested, or there is a request for cancellation or revision for the document, all requests can be tracked through the system. Requests are transmitted to the system administrator along with their reasons and the system administrator directs the decision makers through the software at these stages. Every change made via the system automatically revises the list of documents in effect and the PDF list can be reached in the system.

The list of available documents is automatically generated by AltaSoft. As the documents are added or revised, the list is automatically updated and the PDF of the list can be retrieved.

A registration list can be created for documents with registration qualifications and this list can be downloaded via AltaSoft. If you are ready to systematically manage and follow-up your documents, please contact us…