Improvement Management Module

Improvement Management Module

by Altasoft

Improvement Management Module

With this module, improvement activities (corrective actions, G8D, improvement projects) can be managed effectively. In all improvements, responsibilities can be defined; applications can be monitored and shared.

Corrective Action
Starting corrective actions
Informing related persons
Assignment responsible for corrective actions
Planning corrective actions
Informing responsible people and monitoring their activities
Following and closing corrective actions

Global 8D (G8D)
In addition to corrective actions;
Team building
Defining problems
Determining the root causes

Lean 6 Sigma Project Management
Determining the improvement project
Assigning project team and leader
Determining project objectives
Tracking and closing projects


With the Improvement Management module, you can manage your (DOF) CAPA requests and all the steps related to these activities. The users that you have authorized can initiate a (DOF) CAPA request by selecting the (DOF) CAPA process to be initiated through the system and defining nonconformity. Optionally, evidence can be added to the (DOF) CAPA request as a file. At the time the (DOF) CAPA request is initiated, the owner of the relevant process is informed by email and the activity is displayed in the notifications on the user’s AltaSoft screen. The owner of the process determines the necessary activities and responsible persons and assigns them through the system. All activities and activities related to the notes and progress can be tracked through the system. In accordance with the activities and the notes of the responsible persons, the (DOF) CAPA requests can be closed or new (DOF) CAPA requests can be opened through the system.

Corrective actions can be listed according to different criteria and can be followed from which list they are. In addition, the instant update of the (DOF) CAPA track list can be automatically downloaded.

There is no need to print out the (DOF) CAPA forms and follow-up lists with the improvement management module. The data losses and wastes experienced in these stages are eliminated. Furthermore, every employee of the organization can be included in the improvement works with ease of use of the module and losses are minimized. Please contact us if you are ready to make the management and follow-up of your improvement activities web-based and systematically…