Internal Audit Management Module

Internal Audit Management Module

by Altasoft

Internal Audit Management Module

The planning, implementation, reporting, monitoring and closure of internal audits can all be effectively managed. With the internal audit module, internal audits can be planned , submitted to approval, question lists can be created and corrective actions can be shared with relevant persons.

-Planning process-based internal audits
-Presentation of the planned internal inspections
-Create a document checklist for internal audits
-Create / edit list of questions
-Start corrective and preventive action (related to the Improvement Management Module)
-Ability to record observations in internal audits
-Store internal audit records
-Create internal audit report


Intra-system examinations are managed by internal audit module.

System audits are planned through altasoft and the owners of the processes to be audited can be informed automatically. When the audit plan is made, the date and time of the audit and the information about which documents and processes will be audited during the examination are entered. The process owner is informed about the subject as soon as the audit plan is established and approved.

Questionnaires can be added to the system before the audit. In this way, CAPA (DOFI) can be started instantaneously during the examination, after the examination; the full list of questions and, when necessary, audit evidence/proof can be added  to the system and audit can be terminated.

With the option “manage internal audits”, reports of previous audits can be easily accessed and all previous internal audits can be reported in a list. The statues of the CAPA (DOFI)’s opened as a result of internal audits can be monitored and reported. If you’re ready to manage and follow up your internal audits web-based and systematically, please contact us…