Meeting Management Module

Meeting Management Module

by Altasoft

Meeting Management Module

With this module, organization of all meetings within the organization can be made. The minutes and resolutions of the meetings are recorded, the responsible persons can be assigned and followed up for the implementation of the decisions taken. In this module, internal announcements can also be made except for meeting management.

– Determining meeting types
– Determining meeting agendas
– Set meeting frequencies
– Determining meeting participants
– Recording meeting decisions
– Determining actions, officers and deadlines for meeting decisions
– Following meeting decisions
– Defining routine meeting
– To get approval from the participants for the meeting
– Sending Outlook calendar attachment to attendees
– Making announcements within the organization
– Listing viewers


Meetings with the meeting management module can be managed in a systematic way. Continuous meetings can be defined as a routine meeting. Location, time, duration, meeting subject and agenda information are defined to the system while planning the meeting. In order to manage the meeting within the agenda, a meeting chairman and a reporter are selected to write the interview details to the system and the meeting participants are selected and the meeting is planned. After the meeting is recorded, the participants are notified of the meeting. When the meeting is planned, the participants can be asked to approve according to their suitability and the decision of initiating the meeting or postponing them can be taken according to the responses of the participants or meeting time can be set at the time of planning without feedback from participants. During the meeting, the rapporteur can make an entry or update of the agenda and decisions according to what is discussed in the meeting on the screen. When the decision is added, the responsible person is notified and the responsible person can add his / her notes about the decision. During the meeting, in case of a possible interruption or postponement, the reporter can update the date and the meeting and participants are informed.

With the meeting management module, all planned and completed meetings can be reached and the contents, decisions taken and the results of the decisions can be examined.

The announcement option is another feature of the meeting module. In-house announcements can be made via AltaSoft and these announcements can be shared with the desired users. The file can also be added when the content is written and the date range is specified. These announcements are displayed in the announcement date range set on the users home screen. The announcement option is designed to increase the internal communication of the organization. If you are ready to manage and follow-up your meetings web-based and systematically please contact us..