Nonconforming Product Management Module

Nonconforming Product Management Module

by Altasoft

Nonconforming Product Management Module

With this module, nonconforming products (raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products, returns) are recorded, decisions are made, decisions can be followed and cost tracking can be made.

-Defining nonconformity
-To follow the product name and quantity
-Adding photos for non-conformity definitions
-Deciding for nonconforming products
-Costing nonconforming products
-Reporting nonconforming products
-Appointment of decision maker
-Informing related people
-Assign a deadline for the decision
-To follow the status of the decision
-Forming a nonconforming product form empty and full
-Start corrective action (associated with the Improvement Management Module)
-Defining product group
-Ability to define control stages
-Defining decision


You can record and report your nonconforming products through AltaSoft.

Before the module is put into use, the stages of nonconforming products and the decisions that can be taken regarding these products are defined in the system. As these information may vary according to the companies, companies can make these definitions and customize the modules accordingly.

Which product belongs to the product group, which stage is selected and the amount is determined by specifying the

By specifying the resulting nonconforming product belongs to which product group and appears which stage and amount is determined then  recording is completed.

When the registration is completed, a notification is sent to the person responsible for the product group. The responsible person makes the entry of the decision regarding the nonconforming products or products after the examination and determines the responsible person. One of the critical points in this module is the ability to maintain poor quality costs. Once the decision makers have entered the cost of poor quality for each nonconforming product registration, these records can then be used by the organizations as data.

All nonconforming product records can be filtered and reported automatically. This data opens significant improvement doors for organizations. If you are ready to manage and follow up  your nonconforming products  web-based and systematicaly , please contact us…