Process Management Module

Process Management Module

by Altasoft

Process Management Module

With the process module, targets and performance indicators can be managed faster and more easily. The results can be viewed with graphics and reported to management. Process definitions can be established and processes can be standardized and managed more effectively.

– Enterprise-specific process identification
– Setting goals
– Defining processes (purpose, owner, responsible, activities, inputs, outputs and documents, performance indicators, sources)
– Determining process performance indicators
– Associate process performance indicators with targets
– Monitoring goals and performance indicators with graphics
– Reporting targets and performance indicators


Another essential module is the process management module. The system administrator primarily adds processes to the software and makes the choices of the owners of these processes. Performance indicators and targets of the processes should be added to the system and data entries should be made periodically. The data of a performance indicator can only be entered into the system by the person responsible for the relevant performance indicator. After the data is entered into the system, the performance of the processes and the achievement of the targets can be monitored with the help of the graphics and the related graphics can be displayed within the powers granted to the users.

Data managers can input data from the current period and the previous period, and system administrator approval is required when a retrospective record or change is desired.

Graphs can be accessed via altasoft, or through automated reports. Using the reporting option, desired performance indicators can be reported to users in desired periods. If you are ready to manage and process your processes web-based and systematically please contact us…